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Violence Affecting Women & Girls Monthly Memo: December 2014

Published February 1, 2015 | By Patricia Taft*

In January, the Nigeria Stabilization and Reconciliation Program (NSRP) Sources filter continued to generate more reports about Violence Affecting Women and Girls (VAWG) than any other source integrated onto the platform. As we begin the first quarter of 2015, there are 50 self-identified Agents of Peace focusing on issues of gender in the NSRP states. As the project has grown, more organizations have stepped forward to be identified through the Observatory. Rivers continues to have the most Agents of Peace, with 17 organizations currently listed.

Violence Affecting Women & Girls: Quarterly Report for Q4 2014

Published November 1, 2014 | By Patricia Taft*

In terms of overall violence, if current trends continue, 2014 is on track to be the worst year since 2009, as measured by both the number of incidents and fatalities. Already it is by far the worst as measured by the number of fatalities. Findings tend to vary, however, by state and by time period, with the Northeast still the most violent region, led by Borno State. With regards to VAWG, the same deterioration can be seen on an annualized basis, with Delta state having the most incidents reported overall and Yobe, the least.