Niger Delta Conflict Tracker:
Q3, 2016

Published December 12, 2016
By Partners for Peace, Fund for Peace, PIND
FFP Publication 501 01 1612
Report available in PDF and Flash formats
This quarterly tracker looks at the trends and patterns of conflict risk factors and incidents of violence, and their pressures on peace and stability in the Niger Delta. It is not designed as a conflict analysis, but rather, it is intended to update stakeholders on patterns and trends in conflict risk and violence. Understanding the deeper conflict drivers, implications, and mitigating options requires a robust participatory, qualitative analysis of these trends by local stakeholders in affected communities, including women, traditional authorities, political leaders, youths, private sector actors, and others. We hope that these trackers provide such stakeholders with information to inform that process of analysis and joint planning to promote sustainable peace in the Niger Delta.
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