Niger Delta Conflict Tracker:
Q1, 2016

Published May 26, 2016
By Partners for Peace, Fund for Peace, PIND
FFP Publication 501 01 1605
Report available in PDF and Flash formats
Violence has been increasing in the Niger Delta over the last several years. According to data formatted and integrated onto the Peace Map, in Quarter 1 of 2016, the number of fatalities reached the highest point since the end of the militancy, in late 2009. The conflict landscape in the Niger Delta is layered and complex, involving communal tensions, political competition, organised criminality, and resource-based conflicts; exemplified by militancy, piracy, cultism, election violence, armed robbery, kidnapping, and land disputes that differ from state to state and LGA to LGA. Data sources include ACLED (, Nigeria Watch (, NSRP Sources (focused on violence against women and girls), as well as the IPDU SMS early warning system, and others.
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