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Press Release: Fragile States Index 2015 Released

Published June 17, 2015 | News from The Fund for Peace

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the Fund for Peace releases its eleventh annual 2015 Fragile States Index, the spiral of state fragility, and the cycles of insecurity and poverty that come along with it, are exceedingly hard to break. South Sudan has topped the Fragile States Index for the second year in succession, as the country continues to be wracked by internal conflict, fractious politics, and poverty. South Sudan is joined at the most fragile end of the Index by countries that have long struggled, such as Somalia, Central African Republic, Sudan, and D.R. Congo. However, a lack of change at the most fragile end of the Index -- not to mention a similar lack of change at the sustainable end of the Index, where primarily Scandinavian countries continue to excel -- belies the significant movement of a number of countries over the past year and indeed the past decade.

Happy Holidays from The Fund for Peace

Published December 20, 2014 | By J. J. Messner and George Lehner

From all of us at The Fund for Peace, we wish you and your loved ones a joyful holiday and peaceful, prosperous, and happy new year. For over fifty years the Fund for Peace has worked with governments, international organizations, businesses, civil society groups, and committed individuals around the world to advance the cause of peace and sustainable security. That work continues today.

Press Release: Fragile States Index 2014 Released

Published June 24, 2014 | News from The Fund for Peace

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Fund for Peace today released the tenth edition of its annual Fragile States Index (FSI), highlighting global political, economic and social pressures experienced by states. For the first time, the 2014 FSI ranks South Sudan as number one, after Somalia had held that position for the previous six straight years; Somalia now drops to second. Newly-independent South Sudan finds itself burdened by increasingly fractious leadership and politics, severe internal strife, and widespread mass killings, frequently ethnically-based. Meanwhile, Finland has remained in the best position. The United States remains ranked at 159th, however its score worsened by 1.9 points, a relatively significant fall.

Statement Regarding Porgera Joint Venture, Papua New Guinea

Published June 12, 2014

The Fund for Peace is aware of a report that abuses may have been committed by police against the inhabitants of an area near the Porgera Joint Venture mine, known as Wingima, during a recent police operation in Papua New Guinea. The Fund for Peace has been in contact with Mr. Ila Geno, the independent observer appointed to monitor policing activities in the region, and understands that he is conducting an investigation. The Fund for Peace is supporting Mr. Geno in fulfilling his mandate as independent observer. The Fund for Peace will continue to monitor the situation closely, and confer with local stakeholders.