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From all of us at The Fund for Peace,
we wish you and your loved ones a joyful holiday
and peaceful, prosperous, and happy new year.


Dear Friends –

For over fifty years the Fund for Peace has worked with governments, international organizations, businesses, civil society groups, and committed individuals around the world to advance the cause of peace and sustainable security. That work continues today, for example –

      In the nine conflict affected and oil-rich states of Niger Delta, we have helped to create a peacebuilding network united in their goal of building a future free from fear and violence. This network, called Partners for Peace, has grown to more than 1,200 members in just one year and continues to expand as more members join the effort to create peaceful livelihoods for their communities.

      In Papua New Guinea, we are advising an independent human rights monitor, helping to design and support a system to ensure that reported incidents of violence by security forces against local citizens are fully investigated and peacefully resolved.

      In northern Nigeria, we are working with civil society partners to combine existing local initiatives with technology to map incidents of violence against women and girls. Using crowd-sourced, ground level data, information is mapped and then widely disseminated to those in a position to respond to current incidents and prevent future ones.

      In Cameroon, we created a training program for security forces, integrating human rights elements into existing training programs in what was described as a “best practice” and a “compelling example of bringing real change in a complex environment.”

      At an international financial institution, we are advising specialists in private investment and businesses that receive the investment funding on how to create and implement programs to ensure that large-scale investments around the world meet international standards for respecting human rights and sustainable development.

      In Washington, D.C., our Security, Rights and Development Roundtable continues to bring together business interests, human rights groups, and international organizations in an on-going dialogue designed to advance the cause of a sustainable development and human security.

      And globally, with the Fragile States Index, now starting its second decade and widely recognized as “one of the most prominent fragility indices,” we are engaged in a global dialogue about the causes of state fragility and the means to help states become more resilient.

To continue this work and expand our reach we need your support.

We have set ambitious goals for the coming year. Our plans include:
Expanding and creating an interactive global dialogue on fragile states through a Web-Based Platform that will allow governments, civil society, and informed users of the Fragile States Index to assess and comment on a country’s status as measured by the Index.
Expanding the scope of the Partners for Peace project in Nigeria by empowering a network that initially will focus on the potentially volatile elections, preventing violence from escalating during the campaigns, registration, voting, and post-election period.
Broadening the reach of our Violence Against Women and Girls project in Nigeria by expanding the number of stakeholders and the catchment of information received. We believe that the key to preventing violence against women and girls lies in engaging as many stakeholders as possible and using technology as a tool for analysis and information sharing.
Taking our Conflict Assessment and Early Warning program to other countries that can benefit significantly from our multistakeholder and local ownership approach, such as D.R. Congo, Kenya, and Uganda.
Building on our existing security and human rights work in the oil and mining industries, and expanding into industries such as agriculture and renewable energy, ensuring that local communities can share in the value brought by those sources of economic development, while guaranteeing that their rights and safety are protected.

Peacebuilding is a belief that people working together in good faith can and will make a difference.

Peacebuilding is a belief that everyone can contribute to making the world a more just and peaceful place for all.

Peacebuilding is a commitment that lasts a lifetime.

Peacebuilding is a partnership.


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Thank you for your support.

George A. Lehner
The Fund for Peace Board of Trustees

J.J. Messner
Executive Director
The Fund for Peace

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